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In our services, qualitative or quantitative
field research pertaining to Dissertation and
Thesis Research Projects shall be carried out
in the target organizations through our
network of professionals. The respondents
shall be chosen from the industry that may
be employees in corporations or practicing
professionals. However, it may please be
noted that most of the interviewees,
respondents and their respective
organizations do not like their names to be
declared in researches and hence their
responses shall be included in the research
after ensuring anonymity. The data
collection and analysis techniques shall be
qualitative as well as quantitative
depending upon the subject area. Academic
Help is provided on: OPNET, VENSIM,

We will help you to learn, SPSS for
statistical modelling and analysis
, SPSS +
LISREL for multivariate statistical modeling
OPNET for Networking modeling and
ARENA for Process and
workflow modeling and simulations, and

for system dynamics modelling. We
will also help you in
Taguchi Methods
using well-designed Excel templates.

The choice of Research Methodology largely
depends upon the research topic, subject
area, purpose and past empirical
theories/generalisations that are related to
the topic and subject area. If availability of
past empirical theories is inadequate, then
the researcher cannot establish sound
theoretical foundation to develop
hypotheses. In such a case, the researcher
prefers to use qualitative methodology. This
methodology is also used in researches
where inductive learning is key to success
and the data/information collected cannot
be appropriately converted into measurable
metrics. Many social and management
research studies lie under this category

Science and Technology research studies
that require experimentations or modeling
and simulations essentially employ
quantitative research methodology. Many
simulation tools automatically generate
statistical data and hence the student may
just need to analyse the outcomes.
However, if data is generated in the form of
numbers only then
SPSS or MS Excel can be
used to apply the data in statistical models
MATLAB can be used to apply the data
in mathematical models. If process or
workflow modeling and simulation and
system dynamics modeling and simulations
are required then
ARENA (Student's
version) and
VENSIM are the best tools to
be adopted. For finance dissertations,
is sufficient to apply the calculations
estecially when data is taken from cash
flow, income and balance sheet statements
published in annual reports. Calculations in
all company valuation dissertations can be
carried out using MS EXCEL.

EPROINDIA charges extra for teaching
and OPNET based modeling/simulations.
We do not charge extra for Excel based
calculations. Customers are provided hands
on training on their respective computers
such that they can not only run the models
and simulations in their own computers but
also learn them thoroughly to face the

Please contact us at
consulting@eproindia.com or
consulting@eproindia.net to discuss your
topic or to get ideas about new topics
pertaining to your subject area.

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Please contact us at
consulting@eproindia.com or
consulting@eproindia.net to
discuss your topic or to get
ideas about new topics
pertaining to your subject
area. Further, we offer you to
develop the "problem
description and statement",
"aim, objectives, research
questions", "design of
methodology and methods",
and "15 to 25 most relevant
citations" for
three topics of
your choice of research areas

at a nominal fee. Such a
synopsis shall help you in
focussing, critically
thinking, discussing with
your reviewer, and
developing your research
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