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EPRO INDIA has supported large number of customers to achieve successful completion and acceptance of Information Technology (IT), Networking, Communication, Management, Finance, HR,
Marketing and Supply Chain Management, E-Procurement, COBIT, Val IT, ITIL, Cloud Computing and E-Learning Dissertations and Theses Research projects. We hereby present the key topics that have
been delivered by our customers successfully as a result of our mentoring and academic consulting services. Please note that these topics have been paraphrased and are not the original ones to ensure that
the customers do not suffer due to matches.

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The following topics have been presented not only to publish the areas in which EPRO INDIA has successfully supported customers in
Dissertation and Thesis Research projects but also to present an idea about the theoretical foundation upon which new topics can be
developed that have not yet been addressed adequately. Please note that new problems requiring research efforts always evolve from the
empirical solutions to the old problems and hence the world of research keeps moving on.

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topic building for Dissertations and Theses.

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(109) The effectiveness of Val IT and COBIT framework in building IT Governance Framework in UAE Banks.
(110) Bridging the gap between IT and Corporate Governance - the Val IT and COBIT way.
(111) Application of COBIT in Universities offering IT enabled Distance Learning.
(112) Governing E-Learning frameworks employing the COBIT framework.
(113) Best Practices in IS/IT strategy formulation - learning from ITIL practices in EU banks.
(114) Embedding COBIT in IT governance of Core Banking - challenges and rewards.
(115) Applying COBIT in E-Procurement framework of Supply Chain systems in Steel Plants.
(116) The role of Val IT and COBIT in IT enabled Supply Chain Management.
(117) Capacity planning in a large university network employing OPNET modelling.
(118) Knowledge Management Practices in IT Business Continuity Planning and Testing.
(119) The role of group dynamics in reducing employees' stress at the workplace.
(120) An exploratory study of business model and revenue generation of retail portal businesses.
(121) A study of leadership practices to ascertain occupational health and safety of workers.
(122) A study of performance and behaviour of asset management network modelled on OPNET using Wireless Sensor Networking.
(123) A study of modern practices in designing compensation structures of executive management.
(124) Customer choices and purchasing behaviour on retail portals engaged in global business.
(125) An objective comparison of various technologies for designing and implementing routing protocols in Wireless Sensor Networking.
(126) An objective study of best practices in event management - CTHRC and EMBOK.
(127) Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning in Mega Events - the EMBOK way.
(128) A study of key Lean Six Sigma projects for enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency.
(129) Effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma philosophy in achieving accurate demand information flow and analysis.
(130) Zero inventory philosophy and Lean Six Sigma - an action research study.
(131) A study of IT Governance in SMEs using Cloud Computing services.
(132) Designing an IT Governance framework using COBIT for SMEs using SaaS hosted on Cloud Computing.
(133) Effectiveness of transformational leadership in Change Management for revival of an exterminating business.
(134) A Study of Technology Change Management in a large Thermal Power Plant.
(135) The role of Parsing in creating Ontology based search facility in recruitment applications.
(136) A parsing design in performance appraisal systems using ontological indexing of employee tasks.
(137) A study of SAP E-Recruiting utilities in talent management best practices by Indian corporations.
(138) The quest for competitive advantages in monopolistic competitive markets - how can Lean Six Sigma help?
(139) Governance of self hosted virtualised infrastructure applying COBIT decision-making.
(140) Boosting Employee Morale and Motivation levels through on-the-job appreciations and reward system - a quantitative study at KFC
and Pizza Hut.
(141) The similarities and differences between E-Business Stores and Traditional Brick and Mortar Stores - comparison of Sainsbury and
(142) Strategic Management of large scale mergers in public sectors that affect the entire nation - the ultimate challenge of change
(143) How does human and knowledge resources (HKR) strategy affect change management projects?
(144) A study of information strategy formulation in Small Business Units (SBUs) engaged in computer accessories trading businesses.
(145) Formulation of strategic goals in the operations management of SMEs engaged in emergency transportation services.
(146) A study of effectiveness of Management By Objectives (MBO) in agencies engaged in supply chain co-ordination.
(147) Effectiveness of Supply Chain Pull Strategy by integrating Business Development Databases with Supply Chain Information Systems.
(148) Application of Total Quality Management in the service delivery practices of hospitality industry in West Africa.
(149) DDOS attack simulation in OPNET to study the vulnerabilities of running IEEE 802.11 networks and application of appropriate
(150) A study of Values Based Management practices in large government organisations.
(151) A study of Customer Relationship Management practices in Indian Steel Manufacturing Sector.
(152) An experimental study of cloud hosted workplace collaboration tools and their comparison with legacy platforms.
(153) The application of Fair Value Hierarchy in accounting for Business Combinations.
(154) Simulating an identity theft scenario in OPNET and demonstration of various security measures.
(155) How does identity theft affect customers' trust on electronic banking operations?
(156) A framework for implementing Val IT and COBIT in organisations offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on cloud computing
(157) Simulating cloudlets on OPNET based on learning from CloudSim modelling and simulation.
(158) Design of an enterprise security network employing Cisco Packet Tracer.
(159) A study of Cisco Packet Tracer utility in advanced networking education and its comparison with OPNET.
(160) Media selection in change management communications - a quantitative study of impact of media richness on consensus building.
(161) The effectiveness of human rights education in Western Africa - a quest for peace, prosperity and well being in modern Africa.
(162) Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and IT Risk Management (IRM) practices in the Telecommunications Services Sector (multiple
(163) Adoption of IFRS practices for accounting disclosures in the Saudi Arabian Banks - a phenomenological study.
(164) Advanced financial practices in listed retail companies - combining US GAAP with IFRS in accounting of Affiliate Groups.
(165) IFRS and Insolvency - a grounded theory study of the priority categories and settlements in the Bankruptcy proceedings in the US.
(166) IFRS provisions for intercompany sales and ownership change - an exploratory study of differences with FASB provisions.
(167) An objective comparison between FASB and IFRS - a qualitative study among accounting practitioners in the US.
(168) Involuntary terminations in corporate downsizing in case of leveraged buy-outs - a phenomenological study.
(169) Implementing Information Security Management System in government organisations - Politics and ISO 27001.
(170) ERM and ISO 27005 - a coalition of best practices in the healthcare insurance sector.
(171) Applying social marketing techniques in promoting healthcare supply chains - a balance between welfare and revenue generation.
(172) A study of impact of WTO multilateral trade rules and non-discrimination policies on global supply chain networking of selected
(173) An OPNET modelling study of unified communications planning on Metropolitan Area Networks.
(174) Configuring Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances on Cisco Packet Tracer - the power of IOS based Intrusion Prevention configurations.
(175) Planning an enterprise wireless network in a large five star hotel - an OPNET modelling and simulation study.
(176) Configuring a wireless propagation map for a large Lake Resort using Cisco Bridges - an OPNET modelling and simulation study.
(177) A case study of the Corporate Governance framework of International Labour Organisation.
(178) A study of the impact of latest immigration policies of UK on the semi-skilled foreign workforce from India.
(179) A comparison of effectiveness of distance learning and class room learning in delivering higher management courses.
(180) A study of Marine Terrorism Threats to Global Supply Chain and the Risk Management practices of MNCs.
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Our customers have successfully delivered dissertations and theses on these topics with the help of our mentoring and academic consulting
services and have achieved high grades. Please note that these topics represent vast scales of the corresponding subject matters and all of
them possess recommendations for future research. Hence, multiple new topics can be evolved out of these topics. In some of them, we have
already supported multiple dissertations/theses projects (indicated at applicable places).

If you find that your research interest matches with one of these topics then you may discuss with us regarding evolution of new and
unique topics in the same lines. The advantage of this approach is that the database for literature review is already built for these topics
and hence secondary research process can be accelerated thus saving time in overall research.

Please contact us to discuss your topic or to get ideas on new topics pertaining to your subject area. We do not charge anything for
discussions on topics or to provide suggestions about new topics. If you wish to place orders on us, please go through the "How to Order"

Further, We also offer you to develop the "problem description and statement", "aim, objectives, research questions", "design of
methodology and methods", and "15 to 25 most relevant citations per topic" for
three topics of your choice of research areas at a
nominal fee. Such a synopsis shall help you in focussing, critically thinking, discussing with your reviewers, and developing your
research proposal. To avail this service, Please Click Here for more details.

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